Thursday, November 27, 2008

Child's Play Funde Razor Rock Out (again)

So as I'm SURE many of you know, now is the time that Penny Arcade is gearing up for it's yearly Child's Play charity drive. The charity that keeps children's hospitals stocked with game consoles, games, videos, and entertainment for hospitalized kids has started up again. Specifically coming up this December is Funde Razor, which will be raising money for Child's Play. Taking place in three cities, New York, Denver, and San Fran, Funde will have Rock Band tournaments and GH2 free play.

The New York Funde is going to be held at The Village Pourhouse on Dec. 10th, with NO cover to get in (but you'll need to be 21+ kids). There will be free play in addition to a 20$ Rock Band tournament, and tix you can buy for raffles, all to support Child's play. Special guest hosts are Joel Johnson of Boing Boing and Migue Molinari and Jennifer Boere of As you know we at Gnerd are ALWAYS in support of group video gaming events, especially if they're for a good cause (aside from the good cause of playing video games with a bunch of people). So if you're a New York (or Denver/San Fran) gamer, get off your butt and go support a good cause while having a beer and rocking out.

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends RickRoll

So during the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, the Cartoon Network great Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends RickRolled the nation. The Foster's float came down and began a cute little song, which was interrupted by the intro to Never Gonna Give You Up, whereupon Rick Astley stepped out and performed. Personally, I am not ashamed to admit my love for Foster's, specifically for it's writers, and this was a nice touch for a parade float. Has anyone had Rick Astely actually perform a RickRoll before?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cool New Terminator Salvation "Poster"

I may not be that excited about this movie... but I am a sucker for good marketing. Follow the link to check out a pretty badass animated poster.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How To Make A Zombie Escape Route...Before It's Too Late

If there's one thing I've learned after playing Left 4 Dead for three days straight, it's that the zombie apocalypse is coming and anyone without a plan is going to get their brains eaten. Luckily, with Google Maps and a little forethought, you too can make your own Zombie Escape Route. Now that I've made one, I can finally sleep at night, without the gun.


We'll assume the worst case scenario; one morning you look out the window, and there are zombies on the streets. The news is saying the outbreak is centered in your town.

The authorities may be telling you to stay inside your home. But! If your town is already infected, the zombie population will increase exponentially, and I wouldn't trust any governing body to know how to control it. Those zombs will come breaking down your door soon enough, which is why we're making these escape routes in the first place.

Unless you're in a rural area, your car isn't going to do much good. Traffic out of the city will be gridlocked, and bridges are likely to be shut down anyway. You'll have to assume a city-wide quarantine, and count on any public routes of transportation out of the city being closed.

In picking your destination, you'll want to go somewhere that's far away from your city and that has very low population. Remote areas are safest because even if the population has turned, they will have little incentive to stay put and will probably be moving on to nearest city. Thus, if you have any farmland or forest within traveling distance, that might be the place to go.

In almost all zombie lore, zombies aren't coordinated enough to swim. This makes a boat or an uninfected island some of the safest places to be. If you're near a coast, try to get on the open ocean; it's likely you can sail far enough to escape the infection.

As noted in tips #1 and #2, you are going to be doing a lot of RUNNING. You may be tempted to take tons of stuff from your house to fit every situation, but you're better off planning to pick up essentials from stores along your route. Use Google Maps to look up grocery stores close to your destination, and plan to get food and water when you need it and no sooner.

Getting out of a major city will be hard no matter what route you take, but stay off main roads at all costs. Since people will be trying to drive on these streets, and looting will likely take place in commercial districts, main streets will become throbbing veins of zombification. You're better off making a run through side streets and alleys; as scary as it will be to see a lone zombie blocking your path in a dark alley, you've got a better shot getting around him than a massive horde in the town square.

Be sure your route doesn't take you near any hospitals. Zombie victims will head to hospitals, turn into zombies, bite the doctors and...well, you know how it goes. Give yourself a several block radius away from these hot spots.

Zombies shouldn't be too hard to outrun as long as you don't get cornered; to this end, if you can ever take a route through a park, a vacant lot, even a construction site, do it. Maneuverability is key.

Despite wanting to stay out of populated areas, sporting good stores might be worth the risk. If you want to avoid melee combat and are not a gun-owner, a sporting good store might be the only place to get a long range weapon such as a rifle or crossbow. You can also pick up a raft or canoe here, if you're planning on making a run for the water.

Try to pick a relatively safe meeting place to join up with some local friends who you really, really trust. You can set a meeting time relative to the outbreak; for instance, you could plan to meet no later than three hours after the first presidential address on the crisis. If anyone is missing by the deadline, assume the worst and get moving!

You can get a look at these tips in action by taking a closer look at my route. And if you need some pointers on using google maps, here they are:


1. Go to the MyMaps tab in Google Maps (under the Google logo).
2. Click "Create new map"; title it Zombie Escape Route and click the "Public" tab so it can be easily accessed by those in your neighborhood.
3. Zoom in on your house, or where you expect to be when the invasion hits.
4. Click the "Placemark" icon to make your first landmark (your house). After you write the title and description, you can click the icon in the window to select a more visually descriptive icon, like the ones I used.
5. On the left side window, click the check mark next to "Places of Interest" under the Featured Content header. This will allow you to help plan your route and find places you might want to go (grocery stores, gas stations) as well as places to avoid (hospitals, graveyards).

Now it's time to figure out your route....find your first stop, make a new placemark, and use the "Draw a line" icon to connect the two. Continue thusly until you reach your destination.

Easy, right? Post a link to your map in the comments section, so we might all better prepare ourselves for the inevitable. Best of luck!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Panel Discussion: Scans From Batman and the Outsiders, Street Fighter II: Turbo, Ex Machina, and More

Every Monday, we at Geekanerd rip panels from last Wednesday's comics and post the best, the worst, and the weirdest. If you didn't read your books this week, beware of spoilers.

Most Inappropriate Superhero Posturing

What, that's not how you use a computer?

Burn Of The Week - Thunderbolts #129
I have been waiting for almost a year for someone to tell Penance that his tragic pain-fueled power shtick is lame and boring. Moonstone is exactly the right sociopath for the job. If you don't want to click the panel to read it, here's a summary; "By the way Robbie, do you want to see your new costume?" "What? I don't need a new costume..." (Moonie holds up a straight jacket) "Here, what do you think?" Awesome. If your burn session involves props, you're doing something right.

Celebrity Casting Corner - Ex Machina #39 and Street Fighter II Turbo #2

This weeks comics had a little visit from the current Republican administration...first up, Karl Rove..

Meanwhile, a familiar and very confused presidential figure gets a visit from Cammie....
HOLY! Okay, even if this is just a training simulation (VUUUUUUM is the sound of the projector powering down), and even if this guy doesn't look EXACTLY like W, I feel like I might get sent to Guantanamo Bay just for BUYING this comic.

Most Emo Panel - East Coast Comix #1
This is exactly how I feel every day. JK LOL. No really. Anyway, this panel walks the line between amateur and brilliant, and I think it comes down on the latter.

Banana Randomizer Award for Achievment in WTF - Batman and the Outsiders #13
This panel would make MC Escher throw up. What is Manbat doing to Batgirl? Hmm? From what angle are these events transpiring? Is Batgirl in mid-jump, or is she standing on the ground? Is her momentum going up, or down? The motion lines would indicate up, but the way her cape is billowing indicates down. Blarg.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Batman: Arkham Asylum Teaser... The Game You've Been Waiting For Your WHOLE LIFE

You may be unaware of this fact, but the single greatest game you've never played is actually coming out! Supposedly in the first quarter of next year even! Sure, we may be biased here at Geekanerd... considering our fave Batman writer Paul Dini is writing the story... and our fave Batman actor Kevin Conroy is on board... and even our favorite Joker of all time (yes, even still) Mark Hamill is involved [eeeeee!]. So I don't know about you... but we've basically never been more excited about a video game. And this teaser, though it doesn't show much, certainly helps. And hearing that familiar giggle at the end nearly brought a tear to this old nerd's eye.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snap Judgements: Ex Machina #39, Thunderbolts #126, Ambush Bug #4 and More

Short comic reviews based on initial, lizard-brain opinions. Arranged from BEST to WORST. Beware some minor spoilers.

Ex Machina #39 gets an A from DEgan

From the beginning, Ex Machina has been one of the only books to actually give you a sense of "this is what it'd actually be like..." And that's saying alot considering so many books strive to achieve just that. But Ex Machina is the only one to deliver on that promise-and it delivers well. This issue is the conclusion to the "Dirty Tricks" story arc-and gives us one of the most intriguing final showdowns between a "supervillain" and a "superhero"... And that's assuming that Karl Rove wasn't the supervillain of the book. He makes a subtle appearance at the end-they don't say it out right, but he's a white house deputy and looks alot like our favorite turd blossom. His inclusion in the story only furthers the sense that this really happened-and again that's impressive considering one of the characters speaks to machines! If you aren't reading this book, get caught up! Its one of my favorites.

The Flash #246 gets a B+ from DEgan
This issue deals with one of the most genuine and loving relationships in the DCU-Linda Park West is dying and the flash fam is not too happy about it. Considering 6 of the pages are series flashbacks (and still don't convincingly explain how she goes from local reporter to world class scientist)-its impressive I enjoyed it as much as I did. Even the hardened comic book cynic that I am, is still genuinely concerned about the outcome of this story. They've done a great job at making me believe Linda is actually on the brink of death (hell, even the Spectre says its gonna happen...) And if she does die... well I just don't know what I'll do with myself... This book had me feeling it.

Thunderbolts #129 gets a B from AHR
I stopped reading this after Ellis left, but this is the start of a two issue interlude by Andy Diggle, so this is probably a good time as any to get back on. And wouldn't you know it, this issue offers all the good stuff that attracted me to this series in the first place. Norman Osborn acting like a dick, Bullseye being scary, and everyone being mean to poor lil Songbird. This issue also features the scene I've been waiting for a while, in which Moonstone, in full blown evil psychiatrist mode, tears down Penance for a lame and boring character. Yay!

Reviews for Street Fighter II Turbo #2 and Ambush Bug #4, after the jump...

Ambush Bug #4 gets a B- from DEgan
As confusing as this book is, it has me laughing an awful lot. I wasn't privy to the Ambush Bug heyday in the 80's... so there might be alot I'm missing. But there's something about it; I feel like I'm on the outside looking in-but so want to be on the inside! This book is really only for the diehard DC fans-but luckily this issue dealt heavily with 52 (which I followed obsessively) so for once I was half in the loop! The issue begins with Dan Didio suffering an embarrassing death-and follows the inexplicable Argh!Yle (Ambush Bug's nemesis who happens to be a sock) through the pages of 52 as he tracks down the Bug. I particularly enjoyed the 52 parody "time/place" subtitles which were all replaced with "page 9, Panel 2" and so on. Its also good to see Wicker Sue Dibny make a cameo. I dunno... this books to odd to explain. But there's some sick part of me that keeps bringing me back for more. I used the word "but" an awful lot in this review... and that goes to show how torn I am about enjoying this.

Street Fighter II Turbo #2 gets a C from AHR
I loved the first issue of this series because it was just a bunch of crazy fights and character moments. This issue has it's share of crazy fights, but aside from a nice moment of pathos early on, there isn't much else to keep your attention. It also feels really short, because there's an extremely boring backup story about Abel, a new character from Street Fighter IV. On the plus side, Cammie sexily assassinates a politician who looks a lot like George W., which is probably worth the price of admission.

Friday, November 21, 2008

More Watchmen Movie to Comic Comparisons

Another Watchmen trailer has hit the webs, as well as some extra footage shown at the Scream Awards, so I suppose it's time for another exhaustive Geekanerd Watchmen Movie to Comic Comparison! Check out our previous Watchmen comparisons here and here.


The Comedian's MurderTONS more of these, plus analysis after the jump.

The moment the famous bloody smiley is born...
Rorschach Investigates
Something to note here is that in the comic Rorschach uses his grappling hook but still has to scale the building. In the movie, it's more of a Batman thing where he just gets whisked up to the window no problem. An example of the apparent "flashy-ing up" of the story.I find it pretty funny that the police would put "Police Line - Do Not Cross" tape on a high rise window. I guess the police in the movie world are hip to building climbers like Rorschach.In the comic, The Comedian's little cabinet is somewhat humble and sad, with his outfit on a simple wire hanger and his deflated mask (with a distinctly "sad" face) evoking the emptiness Blake felt in his later years. In this movie clip it's generic superhero hidden room.I bitched a lot when Patrick Wilson was cast in this film. I was convinced that he was way too hunky to play the dumpy, washed up Dan Dreiberg. But looking at him here I've decided I'm A-OK with it--they've done a great job of dialing down Mr. Wilson.
Rorschach walks down the street and is solicited by a prostitute in red.

The Comedian's Funeral

It's Hard Being Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan gets pretty upset during a TV taping when confronted with the news that he might be giving people close to him cancer. Notice his slightly darker color, which he changed when the producer told him his regular light blue color was no good for TV.

Dr. Manhattan proves himself. Why take apart guns and blow up tanks when you can combine them and take apart tanks? Not to nitpick, and I'm sure these effects aren't done, but that tank looks like it was pulled from Battalion Wars.The Comedian has just gotten a bottle to the face from the Vietnamese woman he impregnated and abandoned. After shooting her, he confronts Dr. Manhattan with the fact that he could have stopped it if he actually cared about human life--which he doesn't. Hence, "God help us all."

Rorschach is Cornered

Dreiberg and Lorie
Dreiberg's apocalyptic wet dream.Makin' it in the Owl Ship.Lorie realizing The Comedian is her father.

Showdown in the Arctic
Oh man, I was so worried that Nite Owl's adorable Snowy Owl outfit wouldn't make it into the film, but if you look closely at that movie still, it looks like he's wearing it! Hoorah!
Adrian Veidt's Arctic fortress.Manhattan's return.

The End
Wowee. Way to spoil the ending, folks.Dr. Manhattan and Lorie survey the damage. Notice the full frontal in that movie still. Good to see Snyder isn't shying away from that.

Questions and Observations
Ooh, ooh, click this one for high res and notice the banner in the lower right "USA Welcomes Vietnam as it's 51st State." Another small detail that it's good to see the filmmakers thought was important enough to include.What scenes are these two stills from?The Superman-esque effigy is pretty cool.Look how short Rorschach is. He's like a child next to the others!