Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Geekanerd Spotter: Thailand Edition

You might have seen things like these at your local Hot Topic, but these little string dolls come all the way from Thailand, where Gnerd co-founder Albo is currently hanging out, for reasons known only to him.

The real story here is that I totally thought that Green Goblin doll was a skrull at first. Secret Invasion really screwed with my head.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Taking Bets! Which Geek Apocalypse is coming to Norway?

Pretty sweet photoshop job, right? Too bad that jazz is real. Apparently just before 8am, this bizarre blue spiral appeared for about 12 minutes above this mountain in Norway. So what's your poison? Boom Tube from Apokalips? A herald of Galactus? Wormhole from deep space? Possibly a horrid portal to the 9th level of hell? Anything's possible! But what's for sure is that this certainly spells our doom... or at least Norway's. Now, the geeks over at gizmodo think they've solved the mystery; but my money's on the boom tube.