Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dying Artforms: The Best Left 4 Dead Fan Art On The Web

Remember how much we at Geekanerd love Portal? Sure you do. Well, for the past few months, we've devoted a sizable fraction of that love to Valve's newest venture, Left 4 Dead. Perhaps you've heard of it.

While I would not attempt to try to recreate the monument of fandom that is Portal Authority, I've been looking at so much Left 4 Dead fan art in the last few days, I find it's necessary to share the highlights as a service to you, the reader.

First up, an adorable Hunter jumping an adorably oblivious Louis. This is from DeviantArtist Slushy-man's spin on Left 4 Dead DeviantArt meme, a source of endless fun.

Scary zombies, cute zombies, animated zombies, sexy zombies, and PEELS, after the jump...

Apparently this is this whole subculture of geek icons rendered in crochet...and windgie79 posted these Left 4 Dead "super zombies" on the messageboard. As much as I like to see zombie bile rendered in yarn, I would pay cash money for that lil Hunter on my desk. I would throw it at my roommates EVERY DAY.

I think we've all been here. From SAsukaLangley's L4D meme.

These are only two female characters in L4D. Here is them kissing, courtesy of Bar1Scorpio. For more Zoe/Witch escapades, check out this Nyoro meme comic by DDRshaman38. No pron, sorry.

Here's yet more Zoe/Witch BFFness...although if you read the full comic by Fishgut-San, you'll see it's all just part of a cunning plan.

Part of the LD4 meme is drawing yourself as your favorite character. This is a nice take on Zoe, and bonus points to artist Lauren for so subtly weaving in the Peelz Meme.

Speaking of the Peelz Meme...

Impressive work by CosmicD. The best part of this is the first 40 seconds. I'm thinking using the "Pills Here!" chorus as the backing track for my yet-to-be-written L4D rap.

Grabbin' seels. And if you think that's a misspelling, you need to brush up on your Pokerap.

Just a snippet from one of the better L4D comics I've seen. He's got a pretty good command of the survivor's personalities, and Louis's plan made me LOL. Read the whole thing at Sean's DA Page.

Are you noticing that there's a lot of really simple art here? You can't deny this scene from Wibbletfish has personality.

This is evidence if a disturbed and brilliant mind. "The Left For Deadfast Club", via Visually Pink. I have to include the artist's captions as well.

Thomas the Tank - A star football quarterback, likes throwing shit.

Bobby "Boomer" - Awkward fat kid, always sick, but when he's around, he really gets the party started.

Smokin' Sam - Weird smoking dude, always doing his own thing in the corner. Might get lung cancer or something worse one day.

Whitney - Quiet, sad girl. Always down for some reason. The boys don't know how to deal with her, so they just leave her alone.

Hunter - Sharp, quick kid. Don't know why he dresses like that - you look like a hoodlum, boy. >:/

Bright kids, with a bright future!! What lies in store for them!? Only time will tell!!


Chibi-tastic cartoon, by Brad Redfield. People seem to really feel for the witch. I think perhaps there is a bit of The Witch in all gamers.

Beavotron has made a whole series of nerdy valentine cards, including one for each Special Infected. This is my favorite, because it's the only one that reaches it's full PUNtential (dies).

There are tons upon tons of these fan created "movie" posters, and almost all of them are terrible. I like this one by Naruzap, because the title is PUNderful and I'd love to see zombie congressmen.

This post has been a little Cute Overload for the most part, so here are some distressing images to close...

Not everyone survives a campaign. "Zoey's Final Moment" by Xerios.

And probably comes as a surprise to no one that there is a definite trend towards Smoker smex in fan art, combining the fun of tentacle rape with the emo-ness of necrophilia. Can't wait for those keyword searches to roll in. Oy. It's unavoidable on L4D fan art searches, so here are two relatively inoffensive examples.

Zoe is the focus of most of this stuff...poor girl.

OTP indeed. Seeing Francis like this is really upsetting. From super Smoker fan, Queen DeDeDe's meme.

Ahah, shoe's on the other foot now! Also by Queen DeDeDe.

Sorry to subject you to that, dear readers. Here some excellent non-sexual Smoker art by Browning43 to get that, ahem, taste out of your mouth. Uch. It's late.

HALLOWEEN UPDATE: This year Gnerd editor Degan went ahead and made a Smoker pumpkin. We've even got the stencils posted on our Halloween wrap-up, go check it out!

That's it for now. If I missed anything insanely brilliant, hit us up. I've got to go get my Zoey costume ready for ComicCon.


Anonymous said...

Please put up pics of your zoey costume! I'm trying to cosplay as her for ACEN and I cant find the damn jacket ANYWHERE

AHR said...

I'll post pix of my costume after ComicCon...I still need to make my guns and medpack. Here's the jacket I'm using (still waiting for it to arrive), it's from American Apparel. It's not QUITE right (no big white stripe up the side and kind of the wrong color), but it's pretty dang close.

Good luck! Send us pix after AC con!

Degan said...

I have to say... I'm a bit disturbed by the super cute treatment some of these flesh eating abominations are getting... as far as I'm concerned, the "people" responsible for this "art" should be branded as traitors to the human race, and left to fend for themselves in the looming zombie apocalypse! Let's see how nicely and cutely their zombie "brethren" treat them then!

Anonymous said...

This is the same person (Anonymous) talking Btw its lauren. I actually found a perfect jacket but it has a hood. I was just going to cut it off and see what I could work with. It's long sorry. I'm using airsoft guns and I have the perfect holster allready. I have airwalks that LOOK like converse and jeans. I just need the damn jacket! XD

Sabtastic said...

I've got one! C:
A Witch fanart for Left 4 Dead - made it just a couple days ago.

Contact me at my gallery (in the link) if you need verification or anything.

ninja.124 said...

If we make a pic can we send it to you to put here?

crystal_filgian said...

some left4dead artwork. Zoey and a witch :D

I'll just leave this here

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