Monday, November 03, 2008

Best Geek Jack-o-Lanterns of 2008!

Sure, it's one thing to invest hundreds on an elaborate costume honoring your favorite icon of geekdom... but it's a whole 'nother deal when you're elbow-deep in pumpkin innards carefully carving that same icon into a decaying gourd. Here we honor the 2008 masters of negative space with the top geek pumpkins of this past Halloween!

UPDATE 2009! Here and here are a new crop of pumpkins designed by your own Gnerd editors, including Left 4 Dead zombies, Larry David, and Ponyo!

First of course, the most popular costume... ALSO one of the most popular pumpkins!
Image Courtesy of CraigG144

Now if only I had found this costume, I would have won Bingo!
Image courtesy of sage_82

Star Wars, Portal, Cylons, and so much more after the jump...

Another Wall-E... much simpler, but its simplicity adds to the cuteness of the character
Image courtesy of mrboma

An awesome Wario and Boo
Images courtesy of grantsewell

Some one's got Secret Invasion on the brain...
Image courtesy of lensbs

Of course it wouldn't be a geek Halloween without Star Wars!
Image courtesy of pixelelated

Image courtesy of Metal Chris

Image courtesy of Simon Davison

Image courtesy of garcher84

Here's The Adorable Gizmo and his pal Batman (my favorite Batman RIP title so far)
Image courtesy of ktsaltishok

Here's an impressive combination of the latest in LED and pumpkin technology
Image courtesy of MAKE

This is a simple pumpkin, sure... but the connotations of this image are far more terrifying to any geek than anything else Halloween has to offer...
Image courtesy of penner42

If you weren't aware of Geekanerd's obsession with all things Portal, then you've been under a rock for a year (or you haven't visited this blog... either or)
Image courtesy of wickerman

Image courtesy of prettypinkninja

This one's for AHR
Image courtesy of bluedot11

And lastly (and probably leastly), here was my pumpkin... It was a design I did in high school during a major Bond phase... unfortunately I didn't have time to flesh out my own Joker design this year-so I went back to this oldie... but it turned out pretty well. Unfortunately this photo is at a bit of an angle, but you get the idea.