Sunday, June 17, 2007

As W.C Fields Said, I'd Rather Be At Wizard World Philedelphia!

By 4pm, all that was left on the DC swag table was a a few copies of the FCBD issue of Legion of Superheroes and a bunch of buttons with chibi Death on them.

Luckily, I got there early enough to snag me some of those sweet orange Countdown buttons. I'm a DC fan, and I'm not afraid to show it!

I was at the con as a videographer/correspondent for Pop Culture Shock - in the coming days, a video should/may be up of me in-depth interviewing Countdown artist Jim Califiore. You might recognize him as the Quick Draw artist from this episode of the Pulp Secret Report. You know who else you might recognize if you watch Pulp Secret? Me. And someone did. I was like:
Because I turn into an LOL Cat when someone I don't know talks to me.

More words on the Philly Cheesecon after tha jump.

Jim Califiore was super nice - makes me hope more than ever that Countdown picks up. His art is certainly part of the solution - his illustration of the the Silence of the Lambs style Joker scene in Countdown #50 featured the badass panel to the left. I asked him what DC character he found most challenging, and he said Jimmy Olsen, of all people. Apparently, that man/boyishness is hard to balance. Makes sense. How old is that kid anyway? 33?

Saw a bunch of people in Star Wars costumes, as is per usual at any geek-themed convention. The entry way to the con was guarded by fully decked out Stormtroopers and Sandtroopers, with realistic battle damage! To those who roll their eyes at Star Wars people on parade at comic conventions, I say, don't rain on their parade, they've got to wear it somewhere! Plus, you're at a comic convention, where do you get off rolling your eyes at anyone?

I learned from artist Taki Soma about something called "Anthro-Con 2007"...anthro, as in anthropomorphic. As in, anthropomorphic animals. You know what I'm talking about.


She's been invited, and her debate as to whether or not to attend led to the funniest quote of the day:

"If I don't come back, it's because the furries killed me. And dressed me up like Pikachu."

Any other exciting news items will have to be seen in the upcoming Pop Culture Shock segments...will the links be available on Geekanerd? Try and stop me from posting them!


Albo said...

Yay, Ana's famous!

skb85102198 said...

i don't get these lolcats

Brice said...

Yeah whenever I think of you that image pretty much comes to mind.