Saturday, June 23, 2007

Geekanerd Goes To Wiimbledon! Pictures!

Geekanerd just got back from Wiimbledon at Barcade in Brooklyn and MAN was it a good time! There were some truly awesome players going at it, and more media both big (ABC, MTV) and small (Destructoid, Heavy) than you could shake a stick at. Team Geekanerd came away in 2nd Place, losing to the invincible "Ol' Rusty Bastard" from the Wii-Tang Clan. Photos after the jump, and stay tuned for video and a GIVEAWAY where my winnings become yours!

UPDATE: Check out photos and video from Wiimbledon 2008!

That man in the Luigi costume is Ol' Rusty Bastard himself, Grand Wiimbledon Champion!

The first of the Team Geekanerd matches doesn't go so well for Ana.

Rachel and Jane, Geekanerd Support

Albo and the A Button strap up for battle.

No love is lost when the outcome is decided.

Event organizers Steve Bryant and Lane Buschel prepare to announce the semi-finalists.

As the semi-finals begin, the turf is unrolled.

Albo and fellow semi-finalist Ramiro (later awarded Most Dangerous Player) square off.

Albo, defeated and alone, talks with Steve Bryant about Wiimbledon 2 and (YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!) WiiGA Tour!

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