Thursday, June 21, 2007

Interview with Countdown's Jim Calafiore

As promised, here's a link to a short and sweet video interview segment I did with Jim Calafiore at Wizard World Philedelphia. Jim is an artist on Countdown, and pencilled this months issue, #45. More on that book later today.

Jim talks about the cavalcade of characters he gets to draw in Countdown, and why Jimmy Olsen, of all people, has turned out to be the most challenging! Also a few teases for characters that will be appearing in the months to come. I was happy to hear Batwoman will be making an appearance in Countdown, and that she hasn't been compleatly condemned to the forgotten ranks of Publicity-Stunts-Gone-Wrong.

>The segment is hosted by Pop Culture Shock, which is a pretty sweet site in it's own right. Be sure to check out the "I Love The Indies" feature, a spin on the VH1 talking heads format. Instead of celebs, they have indie comic characters (written by their actual creators) doing the culture commentary.

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