Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Steampunk Star Wars

Fans of retro-futurism would do well to check out the gorgeous "Steampunk Star Wars" art by Eric Poulton, available for viewing on his blog. My favorites include the Massive Solar-Orbiting Electro-Mechanical Analytic Engine, Mark 6, as seen above, and a portrait of Han Solo and Mr. Chewbacca. Also of particular note is an "Exotic Far East" inspired portrait of Jabba the Hutt, which landed poor Eric in a bit of hot water with commenters who had a shakey grasp on the importance of context.

Eric posted most of these images some time ago, but has very recently promised that more pieces will be appearing soon. In the meantime, you can check out this thread featuring other artist's takes on Victorian-style Star Wars.


Albo said...

Real life steampunk R2D2:

Albo said...

Ooh, now I see he already has links to that from his blog.