Friday, July 06, 2007

Action-Oriented Wii Print Ads

This series of magazine ads is a really creative idea for getting people to immediately understand the motion aspect of playing games on the Wii. I'm actually not sure if these are real or not, because Scaryideas doesn't give any background on where they came from... Still cool. Also comes in baseball and bowling flavors.


Scott said...

Wow! Those are great ads!

And I notice a lot of good ads because I had to take a couple advertising classes to get my degree in journalism.

Check out this post I wrote a while ago:

Oh, I am trying to find that picture of my avatar with Krusty, but either my machine is messing up or you changed your format because I can't go back and find that post. And I need that picture to do a post on my blog. Any suggestions? Or, you could just email the file to me. That'd be great!

Scott said...

Dear Geekanerd,

I wrote a post about my winning the Simpsons contest!