Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dark City - The Directors Cut or: Shell Beach, Revisited?

Looks like 1998's most badass sci-fi film noir (I call it SCIFNOIR) will finally be getting it's due. At some point. In the somewhat near future. Hopefully.

TwichFilm reports that Alex Proyas is currently working on the Director's Cut of Dark City, which will include new and improved sound and special effects.

"New and Improved", eh? A new sound mix is always welcome given the constant advances in home stereo tech, but does Dark City really need better special effects? The film's strengths lie in the gorgeous 1940s-style production design, stark lighting, and twistalcious plot. Not to mention Keifer Sutherland's highly eccentric performance. I hope Proyas resists the Lucasian temptation to stick a bunch of show-offy CG where it doesn't belong.

Cinematical has noted that this DVD has been in the works for years, and since no release date has been announced I'd advise fans not to hold their breath. Still, it's great to know that this project is still alive and kicking, as a new DVD release should bring more attention to this excellent and overlooked film.

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