Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Get Yer Simpsons Avatars Here

Over at the Simpsons Movie website they've got everybody's favorite game: Make It Look Like Me! Get over there and render yourself in Simpsons Yellow (or brown, AHR), then send your image to us and we'll post them all here! Hopefully you'll do a better job than me, and not come out looking like a child molester.

Check out more Geekanerds' avatars after the jump.
"I look Chinese..." We're still 0 for 2 with the whole child molester thing."I chose Blinky both because I am a scientist and because I have poor vision."
"Not sure if you can tell I'm a girl...besides that it looks exactly like me."
"These eyes look kind of unsavory, and I thought that expressed something important about me."
"The ponytail and sensual lips are a good start, but it would look a lot more like me if she wasn't wearing anything but panties and a bra." Rawr.
"I copied the long blonde hair with the black beard look from Hollywood Hulk Hogan."

"I especially like the option to select my boring brownish hair color, as well as the t-shirt shout-out to Santos L. Halper."


Albo said...

AHR - Yours is spookily accurate!

Scott said...


Heh heh, heh heh! (Like Beavis and/or Butthead) WOMEN! I love me some women--especially that sensual lips one. Great to know that not only men are nerds!