Thursday, July 12, 2007

Iggy Pop and Sean Penn To Voice English Dub of Persepolis

While Watchmen movie rumors are all well and good, the other most exciting upcoming comic-to-film adaptation is Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis. It's the autobiographical story of a girl growing up in Iran while theIslamic Revolution reached it's height. This foreign-yet-understandable trailer focuses on a counter-revolution going on in the 1970s; HARD ROCK.

Bad. Ass. Who says 2-D animation is dead? ICV2 blogged today that A-lister Sean Penn and punk rock god Iggy Pop will both be voicing roles in the English-language release, due out in late 2007.

Analysis after the jump.

This project is only a blip on Iggy's illustrious acting career, which includes a reoccurring role as Michelle Trachtenberg's dad on "Pete & Pete" and a great cameo in Dead Man's most homoerotic scene. But it's a pretty remarkable gig for Sean Penn - it's rare for truly respected American dramatic actor to do cartoon voice over work, since not many high-profile dramatic animated films are released in the USA for widespread consumption. Usually only Miyazaki gets the big acting talent to show up for English dubs. Of course, cinematic acting skills don't always transfer over to the magical craft of voice-acting, so here's hoping Sean Penn nails it on his first time out.

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