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Panel Discussion: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Panels of the Week - 6/25/07

SPOILER WARNING: Panels may contain plot points!

Teen Titans #49

Showing up at the last conceivable moment to help the Titans, and then not helping very much at all, Supes smiles beatifically as he announces he's solved a complex war-time ethics problem involving interned terrorism suspects by leaving a battalion of soldiers with no weapons or communications in the middle of a war zone. "I wonder how that happened?"
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Seeing Bruce showing his Bat-Side is always a little scary, but in the panel to the left he looks downright villainous! The T-Rex has got nothing on B-Wayne when it comes to imposing chompers. Small quibble - why is he dressed as Bruce in the Bat Cave? Oh right, the story necessitates it. Cool.

Finding Dr. T.O Morrow on a cruiseship, cocktail in hand is by no means call for WTF (although I might question the wisdom behind an undisguised supervillian attending a magic show starring Zatanna). My problem is with the fact that Mary Marvel doesn't recognize him, when Morrow played a huge part in the Marvel family saga of 52. I know she was out of commission for a while, but has she done ANY research as to what happened during the past year? And shouldn't she be able to recognize a major figure in the mad scientist community just on general principal? Oh well. Good thing she didn't actually try any funny stuff with the Doc, lest he whip out the ol' Garage Door Opener of Extreme Head Trauma.

MOST SEVERE BEATDOWN: Ares Vs Ultron's Iron Many Army, Mighty Avengers #4
Fsham! When heroes fight robots, the good guys are given a rare chance to terminate their foes as violently and creatively as they please. Definite style points to Ares for his "go with the moment" technique, and also to Wonder Man in the background, who goes with the less imaginative but still effective "punch-the-bad-guy-so-hard-his-head-flies-off" maneuver.

BEST ACTOR: Jimmy Olsen, All-Star Batman and Robin #4
Jimmy's reaction to the vampy Vicki Vale is priceless. He covers all the steps one must employ when dealing with a naked woman you hardly know:
  1. Politely avert your eyes
  2. Turn away when she starts to remove her clothes, bite your lip to keep calm
  3. Be a gentleman and stare at the wall stoically
  4. Half-close your eyes and look her way to get a peek (you can see Jimmy feels bad about this one)
  5. If Step 4 reveals her to be turned the other way, go ahead and open your eyes wide to really soak up the view
  6. Snap your head back to the wall if she looks like she's about to spot you or if you catch a glimpse of something that blows your mind (looks like Jimmy experienced the latter).

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