Saturday, July 21, 2007

Potter Went Down to Georgia

I'm out of big time crazy party sin-tacular NYC for a bit, so I missed all the hot Potter Extravaganzas AHR went to last night and is no doubt still recovering from. Instead I took part in a much humbler affair, the Grand Hallows Ball at Borders Bookstore in Cumming, GA. Nothing fancy, just a store full of happy people awaiting their favorite book.

The sign-in table was policed by Dementors... Not exactly welcoming.

Plenty more pics after the jump, including a twist ending!

I tried to play Voldemort and attack this baby Potter with an Avada Kadavra spell (that's a killing curse for all you *spit* Muggles out there) but he just cried. Some hero.

Seattle's Best Coffee in the back had a bit of a makeover to become The Leaky Cauldron.

Everyone was encouraged to choose sides, be it as part of the Umbridge Inquisitor[ial] Squad or Dumbledore's Army.

This woman was reading people's fortunes through tea leaves, but I suspect she was a fraud...

Midnight finally arrives and the books roll out... But the store is extremely unorganized and everything is taking way too long so we head across the street to...

...the 24-hour Kroger supermarket! Less glamorous, sure, but a table full of books and no waiting!

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