Saturday, August 25, 2007

American Gladiators Returning!?

Yay! According to Variety, everyone's favorite 90's pseudo-sport is getting pulled back into production at NBC. They claim it's going to be more character-driven this time out. I assume that means more reality show-style confessional cams and b-roll of the contestants unpacking groceries with their families. As long as they keep the tennis ball cannons I'll be a happy happy boy.

Via Gizmodo.


GambleGambel said...

you should have used this video clip:

can't wait till it comes back, tis news to me

AHR said...

I caught an episode of the original on a Jet Blue flight a few weeks ago. I was RIVITED. "Character-Driven" makes me they'll be taking beween-the-action acting lessons from the WWF. Which is okay, they were half way there anyway with names like Nitro and Blaze. And I love a good bad guy..