Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Full List of Marvel Media Projects in the Works

Not many surprises on the list, but it's a good reminder of some far-off productions that you should be very excited about. My most anticipated? The Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) adaptation of Ant-Man. Let's hope he's been reading Robert Kirkman's take on the character, because Wright's storytelling style would fit quite nicely into that framework. Also to be anticipated is Julie Taymor's (Lion King: The Musical, Frida) Spider-Man: The Musical, with music and lyrics by U2's Bono and The Edge. With Taymor's unique visual flair, you can bet this production will be off the wall (punpunpunpun). Also, it appears there is a new X-Men animated series in the works, called Wolverine and the X-Men, from which the above image comes from. Putting Wolverine at the fore seems like an odd move, but I guess they know who their money-maker is. Read the full list of projects after the jump.

Licensed Marvel Character Feature Film Line-Up
Wolverine, Fox - Director engaged (Gavin Hood)
Punisher 2, Lionsgate - Director (Lexi Alexander) and lead actor engaged (Ray Stevenson)

Film Projects Being Developed by Marvel - partial list
Iron Man, Marvel - Completed principal photography; May 2, 2008 release
The Incredible Hulk, Marvel - Commenced principal photography; June 13, 2008 release
Ant-Man, Marvel - Writer (Edward Wright, Joe Cornish) and director (Edgar Wright) engaged
Captain America, Marvel - Writer engaged (David Self)
Nick Fury, Marvel - Writer engaged (Andrew Marlowe)
Thor, Marvel - Writer engaged (Mark Protosevich)
The Avengers, Marvel - Writer engaged (Zak Penn)

Marvel Character Animated TV Projects
"Spider-Man," Sony - In development; US distribution agreement with Kids' WB
"Wolverine and the X-Men," First Serve Toonz (India) - 26, 30 minute episodes in development
"Iron Man," Method Films (France) 26, 30 minute episodes in development

Marvel Character Animated Direct-to-DVD Projects
Doctor Strange, Lionsgate - August 14, 2007 release
Teen Avengers, Lionsgate - Targeted July 2008 release
Hulk Smash, Lionsgate - Targeted October 2008 release

Marvel Character Live Stage Projects
"Spider-Man the Musical," Hello Entertainment/David Garfinkle, Martin McCallum, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment - In development/opening date to be determined; Julie Taymor director; music & lyrics by U2's Bono and The Edge

Marvel 2008 Video Game Releases (Release dates controlled by Publishing partner)
"Iron Man," Sega - Targeted 2008
"The Incredible Hulk," Sega - Targeted 2008

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john said...

Antman? Antman?? Man I predict ticket sales to go through the roof for that one.

Bishop said...

Thor seems like kind of a stupid idea for a movie. "Okay guys picture this, he speaks in a fake old english accent, and he's a god. Also I guess he sort of fights crime or something, I'm not really sure, but we have a lot of CGI planned."
I guess it could be interesting if they really made it have to do with the interaction of the Norse Pantheon and set it alongside modern day civilians.

Degan said...

I personally love the fact that there's a "marvel character live stage projects" category.