Monday, August 06, 2007

GayGamer.Net Can't Be Stopped

Over the weekend, videogame news blog was attacked by some homophobic douchebag (or douchebags) who set upon the site with DOS attacks, spammed their message boards with anti-gay crap and eventually caused a server crash. GayGamer.Net is an excellent site for game news and smart, frequently hilarious commentary, but I'd assume that whoever was responsible for the attack probably never bothered to look past the domain name.

As a fan of the site and a gay gamer myself, I'm happy to report that GayGamer is back on it's feet as of noon today. Along with a short post on the details of the crash and aftermath, contributor The Boy Blunder has written a thoughtful post on how discrimination and hatred are dealt with in comic books. He pledges to subscribe to the Charles Xavier methodology of trying to reach out to people who hate those different from themselves. Reach out...with murderous psychic powers. Just kidding. I love peace. Hopefully, the blogosphere coverage of this whole mess will only help to publicize the site and win some new readers.

Via Kotaku

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