Monday, August 20, 2007

Go See King of Kong

This weekend was a movie-rific one for me. I saw King of Kong and Superbad, both of which I've been impatiently anticipating. Superbad was pretty good (read our review here), but King of Kong was GREAT. Great like a grilled cheese sandwich great. Great like those big pits of foam blocks you can jump into at gymnastics centers great. King of Kong is the best movie I have seen all year, easily. There is so much drama in the movie and not just the normal documentary drama where fairly mundane things seem more dramatic just because they happened to real people. We're talking blood sweat and tears drama. All out balls to the wall drama. There are things happening in this movie that if you saw them in a fictional film you would complain that they were too implausible. There are characters behaving so broadly that no actor could ever get away with the performance. It's a world where crazy people are doing some crazy shit, each turn more absurd than any fiction is allowed to be. Oh, and it is funny as all hell, providing heartier laughter than Superbad, easy.

If you've already seen it, this reaction to the movie by Billy Mitchell and Twin Galaxies will be interesting to you.

If it's not playing in your town yet, hit the jump for the full release schedule to see when you'll get the chance to catch it...

  • New York (IFC Centre & AMC Empire)
  • Los Angeles (Landmark Nuart)
  • Seattle (Landmark Varsity)
  • Austin, TX (Alamo Drafthouse)


  • San Francisco (Landmark Lumiere)
  • Berkeley (Landmark Shattuck)
  • Chicago (Landmark Century Centre)
  • Minneapolis (Landmark Lagoon)
  • Washington, DC (Landmark E Street)
  • Boston (Landmark Kendall Square)
  • Portland, OR (Cinema 21)

August 31

  • Ft. Lauderdale (Las Olas 15)
  • Dallas (Inwood 3)
  • Kansas City (Studio 30)
  • Pleaseantville, NY (Jacob Burns)
  • Salt Lake City (Broadway 6)
  • San Diego (Landmark Ken)

September 7

  • Atlanta (Landmark Midtown)
  • San Antonio (Crossroads 6)

September 14

  • Nashville (Belcourt)

September 21

  • St. Louis (Landmark Tivoli)

September 28

  • Iowa City (Bijou)

To Be Announced

  • Portland, ME (Movies on Exchange)
  • Hartford, CT (Cinestudio)
  • Ann Arbor (State)
  • Columbus (Drexel)
  • Madison (Sundance)


Great White Snark said...

I'm at the premiere in SF on Thursday night! W-o-o-o-o-o-o-rd.

AHR said...

You will not be disappointed. Most fun I've had at a doc since Murderball. Just don't read any spoilers like Albo did. Would you call that self-destructive behavior? I would.