Sunday, August 19, 2007

Panel Discussion: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Comic Book Panels of the Week

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Best Use of a Repeated Panel - Justice League of America #12

The repeated panel technique is seriously over-used in the comics world, and often smacks of an artist scrambling to meet a deadline crunch. Sometimes it can be used to great effect, such as Red Tornado's reaction to Hawkgirl's friendly comment about his daughter. What is he thinking? Is he touched? Or has his fast-dissipating humanity gone so far that he can barely process this bit of human interaction? The unblinking repetition captures the chilliness of Reddy's reaction.

Inappropriate Emotions, Beatdowns, Decapititations and more after the jump...

Pray You Never Hear Someone Say... - Terror, Inc. #1

If someone ever tells you they're wearing your friend's head to trick you, I recommend not provoking him.

Inappropriate Emotion Alert - Shadowpact #16

Zatanna sure looks happy about carting those volcano victims off to the "latipsoh". How about a little respect for the soon-to-be-dead?

Best Actor - Manshark in Maintenance #4

That's heartbreak you can feel.

Beatdown of the Week - Black Canary #4

Merlyn should have known better than to face Black Canary while she's still steaming about her adopted daughter/sister being killed... A karate chop strong enough to bust his ulna right outta the skin will keep him from making that mistake again.

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