Thursday, August 30, 2007

Web Game of the Week: Quickling

I've been playing this one for the past week and I must say, Quickling a damn fun one! You're some kind of weird goblin and it's your 113th birthday; to celebrate, you're invited to enter a portal to visit the human world. The catch is that you live in a world infested by faeries, who hate your kind, so it is hidden and dangerous to get there. Why is it so fun you ask? Firstly, the game design and art is beautiful. Secondly, the game play is amazing. The world consists of interspersed floating islands that you just to and from to get around. Your dude is super agile, so after a little getting used to, you'll find yourself moving around in the world like Spider-Man... it's that fun.

Strategies after the jump...

You don't actually have to land of the top of an island in order to not die. Just more or less get yourself to be able to touch it, then hold a direction on the keypad and your goblin will climb up it. Also, each weapon gives you a different range of attack, each being useful. When jumping around, don't think about what weapon to use. Instead, just hit all the buttons and all of them will go off at once.

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