Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wee Would Like to Play

I love how he says "urinals."

Determined to keep drunk drivers off the road (and raise revenues for the local cab company CYNIC ALERT!), German company SAATCHI has developed a video game you control with a steady stream of piss. The idea is that if you can't navigate a car through virtual traffic with your lubricant, you might not be able to navigate your real car through real traffic, a point that is hammered home in the game with a gruesome full motion video car crash. Unfortunately, it would appear the game is strictly boys only as the gameplay demands the ole stand-and-squirt. Sorry gals, you'll have to sit this one out unless you've got some additional hardware or know a couple advanced bodily maneuvers. There are more details about the project at PISS-SCREEN.COM, including a behind the scenes video!

Thanks for the tip, Jamie!


Degan said...

huh. i think i'm more disturbed that you knew where to link for good information on ladies peeing standing up... what have you been getting into?

Albo said...

What can I say, is a daily read for me.