Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekanerd: Fighting Chocolate Pirates II Turbo

Frankly, if you're a real Geekanerd you should be in your house playing BioShock all weekend. But maybe you don't have an Xbox 360 or high-end PC or maybe you just feel the need to get out of the house. So for you sorry lot, here's some "cool" shit to do in New York this weekend.

Friday, August 24
This is the kind of entertainment kids don't get anymore, so it'll be well worth it (FREE!) to go see them all traumatized by the hallucinatory tunnel boatride.

Saturday, August 25
This "Pyrate Puppet Rock Opera Consortium" is a puppet troupe, rock band, and theater production company that has garnered praise from all over. Their salty show should get you in the spirit for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which will be here before you know it.

Sunday, August 26
Throw down two bucks and flex your World Warriors on the SNES version of the classic fighter. The winner of the tourney gets all the cash and a sweet trophy. The losers get to sit at the bar and feel like E. Honda's butt cheese.

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