Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Writer Paul Haggis Dishes on Bond 22 has an interview with Casino Royale scribe Paul Haggis, who keeps rather mum about the follow-up to the best Bond movie in ages. The one bit he does let loose is that it will begin exactly two minutes after the end of Royale. Can someone remind me what the last scene in that film was? That movie had so many endings I seem to have lost the real one. Haggis also talks a bit about how his Bond is different from previous incarnations:
My Bond is an actual assassin; when he kills someone, he kills them with a knife, they're bloody and he pays a price. He denies that he pays a price, but he does. When he sees a woman who witnesses something horrific, and he sees her taking a shower, he doesn't just go in there and fuck her, like the old Bond would have done. He sits there with her, and she says, 'I can't get this blood from my fingernails.' So he helps her get the blood from her fingernails; that's what he does, that's my Bond.
This is why the ladies loved Casino Royale. Well, it might also have been all that hunky man meat Daniel Craig was packin'.

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Degan said...

give me at least one witty, post-kill pun and his bond is my bond too. But you gotta love those short shorts... mmm

Adam said...

the last scene was when he showed up looking all Connery-dapper with a big gun, after taking out that guy who was behind the whole thing. or at least the middle-man that Vesper was connected to.

i hope those missing two minutes are something really scandalous. like he admits to having three testicles or has a sidekick pomeranian.

Albo said...

Aha! Thanks Adam, I remember now. God that movie was good.