Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Young Stormtroopers in Love

I think I'm going to let this link speak for itself other than to say that my jealousy of these two knows no bounds.


Hunter said...

What makes you jealous? The Boho-Gams? The Green Grass? I'll show you some Green Grass. I even know where you can get the Boho-Gams. Basically I can give you anything on this menu.

Scott said...

That is funny.

BUT . . .

I'm a Star Trek guy and know very little about Star Wars, but weren't ALL the Storm Troopers clones of one guy? How then could there be a female one?

AHR said...

Star Wars question, you say?

*falls over herself trying to get to the computer keyboard*

Scott, you are RIGHT, the stormtroopers were originally all clones of one guy. But as the Empire grew, they recruited (or drafted) regular folks into service as well. So by the time you get to the original movies, it's a mix of clones and conscripted soldiers. Which explains why the grunts of IV-VI are so much worse at their jobs than the the elite troops of the Clone Wars.

That said, I'm pretty sure ladies weren't allowed into the ranks, so that girl in the picture is probably just wearing her boyfriend's spare helmet or something.