Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Art of Bart

The Village Voice website has put up a ton of photo coverage of last week's Bart Simpson Art Exhibition at Toy Tokyo's Showroom NYC. The traveling exhibit gave over 50 artists their own 10 inch blank Bart dolls to serve as their canvas. The results (such as this Rat Fink-inspired entry by Matt Groening himself) may shock you.

Great photo coverage aside, I have to object to the Voice calling their feature "Bart Simpson: 50-Plus Artistic Visions of Homer's Kid". HOMER'S KID? Oh Bart, how your star has faded. Long gone are the days of Ay Carumba T-Shirts and The Bartman Music Video. At least the art world still has the kid's back.

A few more of the best Barts, after the jump.
Frozen in carbonite

Ziggy Stardust

Look at yourselves, America!

AHH! The Brothers Quay!

I try to avoid making Spider Pig jokes on this blog, but sometimes it's not easy

If you find this offensive, the terrorists win


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