Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Geekanerd Gets Down and Dirty With the Guitar Hero III Wii Controller

Thar she is, all taken apart. The rep (who was an awesome GH player) claimed they'll have additional faceplates available at launch, but seemed a little less certain about the point of the removable neck, other than to say it will make it easier to cart around. Frankly, I may miss the admiration I get from my fellow citizens when they spy the colored fret buttons poking out from my backpack. The rep we spoke with mentioned maybe longer necks, dual necks, or swappable bodies, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

More pics after the jump, including a juicy closeup of the Wiimote dock.

The Wiimote slot is on the back of the guitar and has a plastic cover much like one a battery compartment might have, and a little Wiimote accessory dongle flopping around to hook into the bottom of your Wiimote.

This is the neck release...
...and the faceplate release.
This is an out of focus picture of a mystery jack that the rep had way too much fun playing dumb about. No clue what that's all about, but if I'm remembering correctly don't the 360 Guitar Hero controllers already have something like this that hasn't been put to use?
The faceplate coming off...

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