Thursday, September 20, 2007

Panel Discussion: Green Arrow & Black Canary Wedding Special

Geekanerd's regular look at the week in comic book scans will be up on Monday, but there was so much going on in The Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special it deserved it's own examination. Amanda Connor fills up the background of her panels with sweet details and visual gags, so here's a guide to some of the hidden delights of the book...

Medium Spoiler Alert For Those Who Haven't Read the Book Yet!

As seen in the JLA Wedding Special, Hal has the unfortunate duty of sending Ollie's strippers home. And it looks like they really went all out, even springing for Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn themed strippers (and as Newsarama points out, Manitou Dawn!). Also please note the Power Girl stripper in the left-hand foreground who's costume DOES NOT include the boob window. When a stripper has to tone down the sleaze to replicate your outfit...maybe time for a makeover. My real concern , however, is that donkey...I mean, a donkey show? Really? What is this, The Boys?

What is going on with Plastic Man? Seriously, I'm asking. I'm sure I'll feel stupid once someone explains it. Why is there a hand protruding from his crotch?

Judd Winick's dialogue here is great (ah Snapper're an embarrassment to your friends and family), and the detail in this stately kitchen is awesome. Check out the open bag of cookies and milk in the lower right hand corner...buncha slobs. They're clearly Oreos, or Chocos as the DC universe now call them, but the bag seems to spell Chkrok. That doesn't sound like a delicious sandwich cookie. Unless you like buying cookies in HELL.

Alright, Monsieur Mallah and the Brain! Famously "outted" in Grant Morrison's brilliant run on Doom Patrol, is it mere coincidence the duo are being fought here by another Morrison recreation, Animal Man?

Lots of hero villain fighting going on here, but I prefer to look past Starfire and Hawkman's flashy fights in favor for the action going on towards the bottom of the frame....

Lois Lane, ladies and gentlemen, taking down New Gods with nothing more than brass knuckles, mace, and pearls. She's too good for Clark, really.

Stupid Deathstroke has to bust in and ruin everyone's good time. My favorite thing about this panel is at the far right - Buddy Baker's wife Ellen, one of the more understanding superhero spouses, seems to be thinking "God, these people are exhausting."


Bishop said...

Well Plastic Man is one of those Play-doh things that you force the doh through to make different shapes...but they never had a hand one.

AHR said...

Ah yes. I was a deprived a child, clearly. So the hand must belong to the poor sap who is being crushed to death within the living body of Plastic Man. Ah, whimsy!