Thursday, September 13, 2007

Web Game of the Week: Ramps

"She puts the ball in the basket."

When you've got cramps, you need Ramps. Ramps is a ball-physics game with the objective of getting the ball from the top to the bucket. How you ask? By positioning the ramps that are given to you in each level. Be careful though. The journey is full of variables that work against you. Mechanical piranhas that jump from the lava, annoying vacuums, and touchy arms are interspersed throughout the levels with a voracious appetite for your blue balls (no pun intended). Though the game is easy to beat due to infinite lives and "no duh, the ramp goes there" aspects, reaching high scores at the end of the game opens up cheats for the next round. Check it out.

Strategies: Not every ramp is needed in each level. If it doesn't seem necessary, don't use it. Big ramps serve well near the bottom to ensure a smooth ride to the bucket. In the arm levels, just keep the ball as far out of reach from the hands as possible, otherwise you're in for some really long stares at the screen. In the later levels, don't be afraid to use the horizontal walls to your advantage.

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