Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Web Game of the Week: Throw Me

"Throw me. Just freaking Throw Me! I'm a cyclops-being that has no body and my limbs that are tethered to some weird kind of aether. Click on the treasure chest to free me. Move me around with your mouse to gain me momentum. Press the spacebar to release me! Throw me as high and as far as you can! Just get me away from the box! Storm clouds are bad -- they force me downwards. Normal clouds are good though -- they provide me with an upwards draft. However, my favorite things in the world are colored clouds and wrecking balls -- they stop me, but allow me to relaunch with a new set of power -- all you have to do is press the spacebar. So please... for the love of all that is holy... THROW ME!!! I promise it'll be fun!!"

This has been a message from Cyclop-Dude

Find out what Johnny has to say about the game after the jump...

Well, Cyclops-Dude explained most of how to play the game. The spacebar also gives you stamina, which basically causes you to float with balloons allowing you slightly change your trajectory to reach a wrecking ball. Additionally, despite Cyclops-Dude's over zealous enthusiasm, the game is great. The music is cool too and the sound effects oddly add the harmony.


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