Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bowser is a Terrorist

This opening sequence from the highly-anticipated Super Mario Galaxy begins with a carefree Mario skipping down a calm Mushroom Kingdom street when BOOM! Bowser's airships swoop in and start blowing up buildings. There's fire and destruction, the streets are riddled with Toad parts... It's ugly. It's also quite a departure from the Bowser we've been seeing in most recent Mario titles. Bowser has been comic relief for a while now, bumbling and fumbling his way through his attempts to kidnap (and sometimes marry) Princess Peach. He is always outsmarted, he always gets angry and whines, and he often ends up teaming with Mario to defeat a greater evil. But in this sequence (which packs in more story than all the other core Mario titles put together) he is just pure evil. I, for one, am ecstatic. This game looks awesome.

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GambleGambel said...

will you buy me a wii for thanksgiving? please turkey man!