Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Geekanerd's Halloween Costume Bingo

Hey, stop living in the past! We've got a brand new random card generator for 2008 with updated costumes!

Going to a big Halloween parade? I know I am. And I also know I can't enjoy things outside of a structured context. So, who's up for some Halloween Costume Bingo?

That image is just a taste! Two 5x5 printable game cards, after the jump....

Printable Game Cards

Frequently Asked Questions:

How's this work again?
If you see a costume, cross out the space. First person to get a row wins.

What if my opponent lies and says he saw something when he didn't?
Both parties have to see the costume, unless you are both unfalteringly honest people.

What if I see a costume I need, but my opponent has it on his game card and I don't want him to get the space?
Take a cell phone pic, and show it to your opponent after the costume in question is long gone.

I don't have a cell phone camera.
Can't help you.

What happens if I win?
The loser has to buy you an Incredible Hulk at a local tavern, and you have to drink it.

What if neither one of us ever gets a row?
Then I have failed as a game-maker and whoever has the most spaces wins.

What if I don't see any of these costumes the whole night?
That's ridiculous. I'm sure you saw Batman. Little kids and dogs count, you know.


Degan said...

Hey, not to be a shmuck, but you guys missed the two most popular costumes i've seen so far... Doc Brown from Back to the Future (who knows why, its in the air i guess) and Amy Winehouse... i went to a party saturday with THREE Amy Winehouses... suckers all thought they were soooo clever.

AHR said...

Doc Brown is a good one, but we were trying not to put any non-geek entities on there, so Amy was out. I don't know how Brittney got on there, poor girl is so confused.

Albo said...

Oh, the "breakdown britney" thing was a joke. If you look closer it's actually a picture of Jabba the Hutt. Totally geek.

Play Uk Bingo said...

Great Game! lol though the "fat britney" look seemed very popular when i went out on halloween this year! lol

bingo news said...

love the bingo cards. got to love mclovin too ;-)

Costumes said...

omg! This is the most amazing costume I've seen on here since missmonster created this werewolf costume.