Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nerdcore Calendar Undresses Your Favorite Superheroines

In 2007 Nerdcore's calendar had 12 months of in-the-buff gaming... In 2008 they are undressing your favorite heroines, including Phoenix, Lara Croft, Wonder Woman, and some lady in blue I can't recognize. In addition to the T&A, the calendar will feature all the important Geekanerdy holidays you don't want to miss:
  • Major movie releases (Iron Man, Dark Knight, Indiana Jones 4, etc.)
  • Major comic conventions
  • Anniversaries for Night of the Living Dead and more cult classics
  • Birthdays for Stan Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Jean Luc Picard, etc.
  • Sarah Connor's Assassination Day
  • Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 Departure Day
  • Marty McFly Sent Back to the Future Day
  • And presumably more.
Head to Kotaku for some censored but still NSFW samples from the calendar, or Fleshbot for the REALLY NSFW photos. You can buy the calendar from the Nerdcore website. And can anyone tell me who that woman in blue is?


AHR said...

UPDATE! I talked to the Nerdcore dudes at Comic Con this year and asked them specifically who the lady in Blue was paying homage to.

AND THE ANSWER IS... one specifically. They said they were going for a general X-Men vibe with that shot, a certain "mystique", if you will. So yeah. Mystery solved, I guess.

Anonymous said...