Monday, October 01, 2007

Panel Discussion: The Week in Comic Book Scans

Every week Geekanerd brings you scans from the week's comics. Click these suckas for some high res action!

How They Like It - Batman's Mask Fetish in Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #7
Everybody's got their thing, you know? Batman's just happens to be masks. If that wasn't obvious. This comes right after Black Canary asks Batman if anyone has ever told him that he is "totally hot" and he replies "Not for the last few days, no."

Find a nice save, clumsy flirtation, decapitations and crossdressing pundits after the jump!

Best Save - Animal Man, Countdown to Adventure #2With the girth of a rhinoceros, Buddy Baker saves depowered Starfire and a bunch of adorable school children from vehicular manslaughter. The flying garbage can near the top of the frame really puts this dynamic panel over the edge of total sweetness.

Worst Flirtation - Countdown #31Jason, what the eff are you talking about? Donna saved you from a villain. That's what superheroes do for weak, non-superpowered morons like yourself. Did you think Batman was into you every time he saved you from certain death? I mean, other than that one time.

Continutity Alert - The Four Horsemen #2
So we're expected to believe that Snapper Carr is some kind of Blackwater-esque Middle Eastern mercenary with Luke Skywalker goggles? When we saw him one week ago at the Green Arrow Black Canary wedding, smilin' and boppin' around in that 1970s What's New Scooby Doo kinda way? Someone find me a Monitor, one of these Snappers has gotta go.

Beatdown of the Week - Countdown to Adventure #2
Kicking someone's head off pretty much guarantees you a spot in Panel Discussion. Well played, The Forerunner.

Why We Wish We Lived in a Comic Book World - The Limbaugh/O'Donnel Link, The Spirit #10

In this week's issue of The Spirit, Darwyn Cooke cooks up (yes!) a story about cable news pundits getting picked off one by one by a mysterious serial killer. Everybody you can think of (Anderson Cooper, Hannity and Colmes, Bill O'Reilly, Stephen Colbert) has their clumsily-named counterparts in the issue. Two of them happen to be:
Dandy O'Lyon as Rosie O'Donnell, and...
Trust Wimbag as Rush Limbaugh. Now after almost all the pundits are dead, other than Trust and Wally O'Bellows (Bill O'Reilly), the big twist comes!
Oh if only real life were so poetic!

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Degan said...

First off, big ol' ha on the jason "other than that one time" joke. Second off (and i never thought i'd say this) is anyone else getting a little tired of nazis? I mean, not nazis themselves, they're awesome... history's greatest monster! I'm more annoyed by the constant treating them like they're the absolute worst thing this universe has ever seen... Forerunner has fought alien civilizations that want to eliminate entire planets! She'll pray for them... but nooo, not those soulless nazi bastards... come on! You've written them into a universe where planet wide genocide "ain't no thang"... so why treat them the same as in our world. Surely they got nothin on those Mercurians (and don't even get me started on the jupiterians)

Albo said...

You're a Nazi.

Degan said...

your mom is

Albo said...


I know.