Monday, October 08, 2007

Panel Discussion: The Week in Comic Book Scans

Every week Geekanerd brings you the best, worst and weirdest panels from the week's comics. There will be SPOILERS. Be sure to click these puppies for high res action!

Splashiest Super-Villain - Dr. T.O Morrow, Metal Men #3
After a relaxing vacation on Oolong Island, Dr. T.O Morrow is well rested and back in top mad scientist form, using the Metal Men to create monstrous new creatures. From the George Perez style oval belt to the twisty mustache, this splash panel does it up old school. This scene continues in this spirit, with Morrow's dialogue including lines like "You're no match for my death metal men!". Chocolate covered kudos to writer/artist Duncan Rouleau for reminding us jaded post-modern comic fans how much fun a good maniacal super villain can be.

Parental robots, burning gamblers and bodily fluids after the jump!

Worst Superpower Byproducts - Puke, Piss and Poop, The Vinyl Underground #1
This is Perv. Perv is a psychic. Unfortunately, his visions come along with an unfortunate side-effect: He pukes, pisses and shits himself while thrashing uncontrollably. Ggk.

Best Fake Old-Timey Comics - Welcome to Tranquility #11
Even if this intentionally bad copy is a little broad ("It's fun to stay alive!") and the the time-period is a bit hazy (The clothing says 30s, but the art looks closer to the 70s) these fake-vintage comics regularly featured in Welcome to Tranquility are fun and do their job of demonstrating what the Tranquility's over-the-hill heroes were like in their glory days. What really sold me on this one was the simulated coffee stain and water damage - be sure to click the image for higher res.

Shocking Teen Trauma - Alexander Discovers His Parents are Robots, Omega: The Unknown #1
As if having his mom decapitated in a car crash wasn't bad enough, poor Alexander now has to try to understand what it means that his parents were robots.

Best Visual Payoff - Parade (With Fireworks) #2
Hey, remember this panel, "Most Self-Satisfied Kid"? In the second and final part of Parade With Fireworks, we revisit that image and see the character after his life has been ruined by a personal betrayal and an increasingly fascistic government. Besides the overt symmetry of the panels, there are some subtle touches - the bright jug of water in the earlier image has been replaced by a sinister jug of liquor, a tombstone can now be seen in the window, and the comically grandiose cigar is now a simple cigarette. Great art, great storytelling.

Toughest House Rule- Burning at the Man-Thing's Touch, Howard the Duck #1Howard is dreaming about Monster Poker again, which has the hardcore house rule: "Whoever folds their hand... Burns at the Man-Thing's touch! WAAUGH!" Dem are some high stakes.