Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Preserve Your 7th Grade Mix Tapes For The Benefit of Future Generations

If you're of a certain age, let's say old enough to have owned a un-ironic He-Man shirt, you probably have a bunch of old cassette tapes slowly disintegrating in a box somewhere. Some tapes may be easily replaceable. Others you may have no desire to replace. But if your tape collection includes home recordings of your junior high school garage band, or taped-off-the-radio music blocks complete with early '90s commercials, or even that awesome Muppet Babies soundtrack that is now out of print, if you can believe that....these are artifacts of the past that may actually be worth preserving.

The USB Cassette Achiver allows you to easily transfer cassettes to your computer via a USB port. You can save the content as an Mp3 that will live forever in digital immortality. Of course immortality isn't cheap, and this highly specialized machine is currently going for $169 (and that's the sale price). Still, serious archivists and techheads with a weakness for nostalgia may want to add this to their Decemberween wishlist.

Via Cool Hunting

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Lena said...

I want one! I can make mp3s out of "Lena's Supercool Birthday tapes" from AHR.....things like the cranberries and tlc! - yeah we were cool.