Saturday, October 06, 2007

Two Knight Rider Movies Racing Towards Head On Collision

80s TV nostalgia is hot right now, and everybody wants a piece. Ain't It Cool News is reporting that there isn't one, but TWO Knight Rider movies on the horizon competing for your brainspace. The first is from series creator Glen Larson and The Weinstein Company, who are putting together a feature film that retells and updates the story of the pilot episode, "Knight of the Phoenix." The plan is to turn it into a franchise that can be milked milked milked into a trilogy. Not to be outdone, Universal/NBC (who still own the TV rights to the franchise) are putting together a two-hour made for TV Knight Rider movie that can be milked milked milked into a series. They announced this after Larson refused to ditch the Weinsteins and make the film with them. Entertainment sabotage! Will one of these projects prevail over the other? Or will we be swimming in talking cars in a couple of years?

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