Friday, October 19, 2007

Weekanerd NYC: Awesome Anthology, Moulin Rouge, and Zombies

Friday, October 19th
I saw this 208 page comics anthology at the shop, flipped through it, and thought, "Hey, this is, in fact, awesome." There's a ton of contributors, including a few of my favorites like Nick Bertozzi, Renee French, and Sam Hiti. Indie comic folks is good people, so head over and mingle it up.

Saturday, October 20th
This is the best movie that's been made in the current century. There, I said it. This screening enhances the already assaulting sensory experience with a live cast on stage, costumes, and of course, lots of singing. Not for the weak of heart or easily embarrassed. $12.

Saturday, October 20th (well, nothing's happening on Sunday.)
  • Zombiecon
  • 12pm @ The Carriage House Bar, 219 East 59th Street, Manhattan (hit the link to get on the mailing list)
A organized pubcrawl for zombies and the people who love them. The walking dead will descend on a walking tour of NYC bars, devouring brains and PBR. All zombies may participate. If you're a daring human who wants to watch, I beg you, do so from a safe distance.

Okay, so there's no Sunday this week. I'm not a machine. If you know of something good, let us know at


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