Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weekanerd NYC - The Free Edition: Free T-Shirts, Free Zombie Activities, and Free Everything, Forever

Wow, this Saturday might be the best day for Geek Events ever. Make sure you check out our Geek Out NY event listing on the right-hand sidebar, to see all your options.

Friday, October 26th

  • Leopard Premiere
  • 6pm -10pm @ The Apple Store Soho (103 Prince) or The Apple Store Fifth Ave (767 Fifth Ave)
One might question why we at G'nerd are celebrating Apple's semi-annual rape and pillaging of the consumer, and the answer is: FREE T-SHIRTS. Okay, so maybe they're kind of ugly, and there's only 500 per store, and they're probably not available in girl's sizes, but still, free is free.

Saturday, October 27th
There's too much crazy shite going on here to explain in full, but here are some highlights: Free superhero gear for The Million Superhero March, zombies performing the Thriller dance around the world at the same time (What? - Ed.), and the much touted Zombie Olympics, by the same folks who brought you last week's Zombie Pubcrawl. This is all interactive, so get your rotting flesh makeup kit ready. Make sure you hit up the schedule and plan your day, cause there's like a million other events going on, and sensory overload is likely.

Sunday, October 28th
What do anarchists and Freegans have in common with geekanerds? The belief that everything should be free. While most nerds simply steal what they want via the internet, the folks behind The Really Really Free Market are offering legal, share-based alternatives to the capitalist system. This kind of thing sort of brings a tear to the eye of this former Berkeley High student. Bring something to share (old comics, maybe?) and see what's going down.

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