Monday, November 12, 2007

Panel Discussion: Scans from Robin, New Avengers: Illuminati, Lucha Libre and Y: The Last Man

Every week, Geekanerd brings you the cream of the crop (and crap) in comic scans. Click 'em for hi-res, and BEWARE THE SKRULL SPOILER AT THE END OF THIS POST.

Achievement in Verbal Athleticism
- Beth II, Y The Last Man #59
Leave 'em alone for a couple years and dames'll come up with the nuttiest things.

After the jump: Mexican fighters, bastard children, and alien infiltrators!

Beatdown of the Week: The Luchadores 5 vs The Tikitis, Lucha Libre #2
The Luchadores, with their creative and visually arresting fighting style, are always a shoe-in for Beatdown of the Week. But it's this next move that really sealed the deal...
Hands in your pockets, gentlemen. Casual headbutting wins the day.

Most Contrived Setup: Robin #126
Bruce, I think it's time to retire Alfred, he's tripping over his own friggin' feet. This inane scenario is only here to make it look like Damian has attacked Alfred, so that Tim can bust in and take part in a hilarious misunderstanding. But c'mon; Damian is a spoiled, violent, socially retarded preteen, SURELY there's a more organic way this could have gone down. Idea 1: Alfred gets a call from Bats and Damian tries to grab the communicator, leading to a scuffle just in time for Robin to enter and misread the situation. Idea 2: Alfred tries to be a good host and take Damian's ninja hood, and Damian reflexively does some sort of awesome League of Assassins over the shoulder throw. These are just off the top of my head. Someone hire me.

Bone Chilling Twist - New Avengers: Illuminati #5Sure, at least one of these guys had to be a Skrull, but this reveal still made me gasp. It was a great choice to make it Black Bolt, the noble silent guy, because the moment he opens his mouth it's clear we're in it deep.


Degan said...

I love how surprised Iron Man looks... i guess since you can't see his face, he needs physical cues... Acting!

AHR said...

Field Goal Head, no!

*The term Field Goal Head appears courtesy of Pete LePage.