Friday, November 23, 2007

Weekanerd NYC: Art Shows and Anti-Gumpites

Friday, November 23rd
Nothing like a to brighten up your day, but if you'd like to see a more formal exhibition by the street artist, check out this show based on the content of old Mexican snuff tabloids. Monstrous drawings, steel masks, plaster bodies, and all sorts of creepy things horror movie fans can really get behind. The show closes tomorrow, the Saturday hours are from 12-7pm.

Saturday, November 24th
Jackpot time for digital art lovers. This is a group show celebrating the history of the digital image, including work based on early computer and video-game graphics. Tech-Nostalgia with credibility! Plus this is the opening reception, so there's live music at 8:30 (something with lots of bips and bops, no doubt), and free drinks. Score.

Sunday, November 25th
Confession: in my sixth grade yearbook, I had Forrest Gump down on my list of favorite movies. Does my innocent childhood enjoyment of this reprehensible film make it hypocritical for me to recommend this video art show? Yes, but I'm doing it anyway. $10 Drink Minimum, which is probably about as much booze as you'll need to get through the chaotic quadruple projection of the movie without going insane.

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