Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekanerd NYC: Sweeney Todd Talk, 1/4th of Sonic Youth, Noah Baumbach, Expensive Toys

Monday, November 12th

Okay, so maybe the trailers look dull, and Baumbach seems to have made the common mistake of casting Jack Black as someone other than Jack Black. But The Squid and the Whale also had bad trailers, and that was the best movie of 2005. $18 bucks for non-members, but you get the added value of seeing the luminescent Jennifer Jason Leigh in person.

Tuesday, November 13th
This "multidisciplinary New York School soiree" gathers women that played a role in the New York School art movement, including Sonic Youth bass player, Kim Gordon, who's scheduled to perform. The New York School was an informal arts movement active in the 1940s-60s. Thank you Wikipedia! I'm ignorant. Tickets are $10.

Wednesday, November 14th
The Demon Barber is coming, and we are all going to die. Tim Burton talks about his career and more importantly his upcoming cinematic adaptation of the greatest work of art produced in our collective lifetimes, Sweeney Todd. The event description also boats a "first look" at clips of the film, which takes a bit of the sting away from the the $50 ticket price (or $25 with a student ID). Yow! Pony up, Burton fans.

Thursday, November 15th
Do you collect designer toys? I used to, but then I almost starved to death. Illustrator Tara McPherson is the latest artist to leave her mark on the Dunny, an original sculpt by Kid Robot. McPherson's Dunny has been dubbed Bubbleyucky, is of the 8" variety, and will run you about $40 bucks. I repeat, yow! But hit the title link to see the design, it is undeniably desirable.

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