Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Assume The Holiday Escort Submission Position: Portal Christmas Cards Are Here

(sung to the tune of O Holy Night)
Companion Cube
I'm sorry that I killed you
But you came back
And you brought me a cake

It's a Christmas miracle! Info on Valve's new Portal merch after the jump.

As mentioned in our previous Koo Koo For Portal Puffs post, Valve wasn't prepared with much Portal merchandise upon the Orange Box's release, but they've finally patched that gaping hole in their inventory. The Aperture Labs Holiday Greeting Pack is the featured item at the Valve Store, and for $14.95 (plus shipping) you get five cards with the above design on the front and different messages inside. Actually, all the interior copy is just GLaDOS dialogue with holiday greetings shoehorned in, which is a pretty stale execution of a great idea. Although I would love to send this one to someone who had never played Portal...

At the newly stocked Valve store you'll also find a ludicrously expensive yet still must-have GlaDos lithograph, restocked Portal T-shirts and souvenir parking permits for Black Mesa and Aperture Laboratories. No sign of the Companion Cube plushie, which Valve said would be out in time for "the holidays". Well, Hanukkah is hereakkah, and I'm still devoid of any companions who I trust not to stab me.

UPDATE 12/06: Oh. Snap. Plush Companion Cubes came and went in one day. Suck. You can still get the fuzzy dice versions, plus some more Aperture gear including suitably inane inspiration posters.


Anonymous said...

More cool Portal t-shirts

AHR said...

Ooh, I like. Best I've seen, including that semi-lame official one Valve put out. I added the link to our big Portal post.