Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekanerd NYC: Persepolis Signing, Smashing Tournament, and John Turturro

Friday, December 14th
The Author Marjane Satrapi will be signing and "chatting" about the Complete Persepolis, a new complete edition of her graphic novels, the feature film adaptation of which I foolishly believe will bring dramatic, mature animated films into mainstream American consciousness.

Saturday, December 15th
I wish the world was more like Smash Brothers. We'd have lightsabres, Pokemon, free wouldn't even have to fight all the time, you could just hang out. Registration starts at 10am, $20 entry fee for the single player division, $10 each for teams of two. You could win a prize pack and 60% of the entry fees.

Sunday, December 16th

For a mere $10 you can see the world premiere of this documentary on Italian Americans in film. David Chase is featured in it, so presumably it won't be all Sopranos bashing. The always awesome John Turturro is a producer and will be present at the screening, which is kinda funny cause many of his most memorable roles are not Italian characters. Maybe he'll talk about that.

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