Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weekanerd NYC: Red Red Wine, Alex Robinson, Gary Trudeau, and Rescue Me

Monday, November 3rd

Elsewhere on this day, Holly Hunter will be giving a talk and Coppala will be screening something or other, but any event that will tell me about why getting boozed up is good for me is where I want to be. Scott Snyder of Columbia University will be bringing the good news. Free.

Tuesday, November 4th
Alex Robinson is the artist behind Box Office Poison, Tricked, and his new monster-slashing opus, Lower Regions. He's also a class act, a funny guy, and an all around great interview subject, so this episode of New York's only live comic book talk show promises to be a good time. Throw in Rick Spears of Black Metal and Pirates of Coney Island and a $5 ticket price, and you can't go wrong.

Wednesday, November 5th
  • Gary Trudeau
  • 1pm @ The 92nd Street YMCA, at 92nd and Lexington, Manhattan
I know web comics are all the rage with the kids, but let's give the masters of the modern age their due. This talk is $20, but there are a limited number of $10 tix for those of us under 35, which is a damn good deal.

Thursday, November 6th
I bet we've got some Rescue Me fans out there, or at the very least some Denis Leary fans who, like me, were glued to the Endless Stand-Up era of Comedy Central for many of their formative years.

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