Friday, December 07, 2007

Weekanerd NYC: Strange Music, Great Drawings, and That Anime Con

Friday, December 7th
Now, I'm not necessarily suggesting you actually go to this event, but the geek snob credibility is undeniably through the roof; mad filmmaker Vincent Gallo and Hole's Eric Eriandson perform some sort of pseudo-musical improvised display. It "may be inappropriate for those under 18", so I can only imagine someone will be blowing Gallo on stage. $26 dollars.

Saturday, December 8th
An exhibition of illustrations by Adrian Tomine, who'll also be on hand to sign copies of Shortcomings, his quietly brilliant new graphic novel. Seriously, it's the book of the year. Plus this is technically an art opening so, you know. Say it with me now. Free booze.

Sunday, December 9th

This thing is actually going on all weekend, but there's some particularly neat stuff going on on Sunday. Manga/Sci Fi published Del Ray and Marvel Comics are making a special announcement...Avengers: The Super Deformed Initiative? I'd buy it. Plus Kaiju Big Battel, a Tokyopop special event, the Who Wants To Be A Voice Actor contest/exercise in public humiliation, and....a panel on Japanese Woodblock Prints? Li'l something for everyone...with really specific tastes. $30 for a day pass, $55 for the whole weekend.

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LibraryTypeGirl said...

Anime and Magic Worlds in the same place at the same time? Too much. Too much.