Wednesday, January 16, 2008

iPod Aesthetic Watch: New Development

This is a picture I found on gizmodo after reading about this thing on Kanye West's blog. They have a lot more photos, so you can see how cool this is. I'ma start lifting weights now so I can carry this around when it comes out.

Here's the thing with gadgets. I know we like things small, like this like .00001-inch-thick piece of foil Steve Jobs is calling a computer:
But I see big as the way to go with your carryarounds between 2008 and 2020. Especially since liberal Berkeley types won't let us have big cars anymore. I'm saying, where we have options, let's make some interesting choices. Also the ghetto blaster looks like it's smiling at you.

1 comment:

Hunter said...

But I only know that is a smile because I have been trained to spot eyeslit-based emotive registers by looking at and loving Johnny Five.