Thursday, January 03, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: Family Guy, Bowie, and PT Anderson

Friday, January 4
The 8:30 show is sold out, but like the old school show biz trooper he aspires to be, Seth is doing two shows a night. Exactly what this show will consist of is anyone's guess, but you can bet it will feature Family Guy routines (Alex Borstein is the voice of Lois), tons of showtunes and cabaret numbers, and probably at least a little bit of Mrs. Swan ("He looka like a man!"). For certain FG fans, specifically those who really enjoy the show's extended musical numbers, $40 is a small price to pay.

David Bowie's BDay and my favorite director, after the jump...

Saturday, January 5
Bowie has so much geek cred it's not even funny. First, he acted in a movie with Muppets. Second, he had intense cameos in Flight of the Concords and The Venture Brothers. Third, he is actually a space alien. Even if you have no taste and don't enjoy his music, chances are you can find something to like about the guy. Celebrate his birth with bands playing covers, DJs, and "rare david bowie footage" from 10pm-11pm. Hit the title link to RSVP and get in for $5, it's $10 at the door. Plus free vodka energy drinks from 11 to midnight.

Sunday, January 6
Now that PT Anderson has firmly established himself as the more relevant Anderson, it's time for a mini-marathon. The Museum screens Hard Eight and Boogie Nights on Saturday, both of which are great but Sunday's menu has the more challenging fare. When you're watching Punch Drunk Love, keep in mind that Jeremy Blake, the artist who created the colorful abstract sequences, died last year.

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