Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Star Wars Movie Coming to Theaters!

C'mon, at least pretend to be excited. Don't you owe it to the franchise you spent so many years fawning over and which you still quote from to this day? Who cares if the last three movies weren't as good as you were expecting and this CG movie coming to theaters in August is just the first three episodes of the upcoming Clone Wars animated series? It's STAR WARS.
What you need to know: It takes place between Episodes II and III, Anakin will have a Jedi apprentice named Ahsoka (that's her above), the only characters that will be voiced by their original actors are General Grevious and C3PO, and Tartakovsky (the mastermind behind the LAST Clone Wars animated series) has absolutely nothing to do with it. Oh, and instead of the classic 20th Century Fox logo, we'll be graced with the WB shield. That'll be weird.

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