Monday, February 25, 2008

Panel Discussion - Scans From Batman and the Outsiders #4, Mighty Avengers #9, Locke and Key #1 and More

Deja Vu - Batman and the Outsiders #4
Ooh, a reprogrammed evil robot joining the Outsiders? Good idea! What could possibly go wrong?!

Hydra Has the Sexiest Nurses - Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death
No wonder those goons in green always go down without much of a fight... The infirmary is staffed by hotties of epic proportion!

Most Inappropriate Use of Expressionism - The Flash #237
This panel would not at all be out of place in a show exhibiting expressionist takes on the horror of war. I like that about it. This whole issue feels like a tremendous rush job in terms of art, so perhaps this was just a first attempt at "upset" that came out so over-the-top crazy the artist just couldn't resist actually finishing and turning it in.

This next panel, on the other hand, is a total disaster. Depth, perspective, scale and shading all mashed together in a three car pile up. DC, if a book is late, I can live with that. This hurts me.

Best Actor Award - Tyler, Locke & Key #1
Throughout this scene Tyler has such a wonderfully authentic look of fear. Even after his attacker is dead, he is terrified with what he's done.

Overkill Alert! - Mighty Avengers #9
What happens with Earth's Mightiest Heroes storm Dr. Doom's castle? THREE DOUBLE PAGE SPLASHES IN A ROW. Man o man. My opinion on this has vacillated between disgust and admiration. I'm not a big fan of Bagley's art and only buy the book for Bendis' words, so three solo Bagley pages didn't interest me on my first glance. But when going back, I realized that these pages were pretty good for Bagley, and that much action should be exciting. Once I put together more pieces and realized Bendis' whole idea with this book is to make it a really traditional superhero book (bringing back word balloons and all that), the splashes started making more sense. Still, I can't help but think something like this is a bit of a waste.


Lena said...

Why do you never write about the Buffy Season 8 comics?!?!?! That would be soooooooo great.

Degan said...

Ha, my opinion didn't much vacilate on those splash pages... pretty tacky... maybe if done by a better artist... but is that supposed to be black widow?!? A. how the hell is her body bending like that... and B. when did she become ugly? In theory, i guess i can support the idea (i'm all behind bendis after all)... but in execution i think they failed.

Albo said...

Yeah, the thing about Bagley's Black Widow is that she's frighteningly consistent. She's ALWAYS ugly and weird looking. It's confusing. He must hate Russians.

AHR said...

lena - I read the Long Way Home, which was awesome buuut...jumping into a series with that much history is kind of intimidating. It's like, do I really want to watch 400 hours of Buffy episodes just to read a comic once every month? The answer is yes.

Degan said...

huh, what a way to shit on one of marvel's hottest hotties. And AHR, the answer is actually, "You Are Stoopid!"

AHR said...

Actually, the answer is "I'm about to finish Season 7".

Anonymous said...

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