Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spielberg Says "No" To Digital Projection for Indy IV

It appears that Steven Spielberg is trying to make sure his new Indiana Jones movie isn't screened in anything but its original format--beauteous 35mm film. This comes as somewhat of a slap to digital pioneer (and Indy executive producer!) [and killer of beloved franchises!] George Lucas. I'm behind this decision, as Indy has always had a nostalgic sensibility, with throwback special effects and an earthy aesthetic. It's not a shiny clean franchise, so projecting it exclusively on dirty film just makes since. I'm also taking this concern over the presentation as a sign that Spielberg really cares about this film, which hopefully means he is proud of his work and hasn't ruined the franchise. Note this is all subject to change if Steven has "a last minute change of heart."

Via JoBlo, which also mentions that you can buy Indy's shoes.

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